Emotional Freedom Techniques

(EFT) Tapping Session

Often referred to as "Psychological acupressure", this technique works by releasing blockages within the energy system which are the source of emotional intensity and discomfort. These blockages in our energy system, in addition to challenging us emotionally, often lead to limiting beliefs and behaviours and an inability to live life peacefully.

EFT uses elements of Cognitive Therapy and Exposure Therapy, and combines them with Acupressure, in the form of fingertip tapping on acupuncture points.

Did you know that 1 hour of EFT Tapping can reduce your cortisol levels by 24%? Just resting reduces cortisol by 14%.

What can EFT Tapping help with?

I often hear from women that have spent time working with traditional talk therapists, but are still feeling like they're stuck in the same patterns.  Traditional talk therapy gives us insight into the causes of our feelings but it doesn’t always help us feel better.

EFT Tapping works on a subconscious level, allowing what needs healing to come to the surface.

Below are some areas that EFT Tapping can help with.

Are you?

  • Feeling Stressed?
  • Nervous about your new role as a parent?
  • Experiencing mommy guilt that you want to work through?
  • Experiencing emotional distress due to a traumatic birth?
  • Experiencing intrusive thoughts?
  • Worried about events that happened during previous pregnancies or births?
  • Feeling uncontrollable anger or rage?
  • Struggling with emotions around previous miscarriages or abortions?
  • Having a hard time with releasing perfectionist tendencies?
  • Feeling emotions surrounding traumas in your life that are resurfacing?
  • Feeling postpartum blues or symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety?
  • Feeling sadness about the loss of your “old life”?
  • Are you feeling unattractive?
  • Feeling guilty because you are not enjoying motherhood?
  • Feeling upset over your changing relationship with your spouse?
  • Feeling guilty about not having enough time for your other children?
  • Feeling fear that you won’t be a good enough parent?
  • Feeling postpartum related pain or illness?

All of these feelings and questions can prevent us from enjoying what we hope will be an exciting time in our lives. For many parents, this time amplifies anxieties and fears as we face the unknown.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping can gently reduce any negative emotions, allowing you to experience your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period with less stress and more joy.

We will work to get to the root of what's going on, so you can move forward with more ease.

The Layers of EFT Tapping

I often have moms come to me because they're stressed and want to feel better.  I look at EFT Tapping with having 2 layers.

  1. Releasing Stress
    Being a new mom is hard! I will support you in working through what is causing your stress, and showing you how to release it.  Maybe it's feeding, not being able to sleep, frustrations with your partner, etc.
  2. Releasing the Past
    Often, not always, what is underlying our current stresses, our triggers, is a history of stressful past events, possibly traumatic. Whether or not you consciously realize it, events from our past play a huge role on our current realities. These events could be from your childhood, fertility challenges, relationship events, abuses, or inter-generational trauma.When I work with new moms, these issues often surface during our time together.  Know that I am trauma informed and have completed training in working through traumatic events. I can hold that space for you and help you work through what is causing you distress.

    Here are a few examples of what this looks like:

    Jen comes to me because she feels like she is not a good mom. She has set high expectations for herself about being a mother. She thinks she needs to have the house clean, meals prepared, laundry finished, and get out to take the baby for a walk everyday.  She's also wondering why she hasn't got her pre-baby body back. She is a a perfectionist and is holding herself to unreal expectations, and when she doesn't live up to her self imposed expectations, she feels like a failure. Sound familiar? When we start to us EFT Tapping on her daily stresses, we realize that her mom was hard on her as a child. Her mom was always telling Jen to do better, be better.  She had to get straight A's in school or there were consequences. We are then able to go back to Jen's childhood and use EFT Tapping to work through events that happened and still cause Jen distress. As we release those past stressors, Jen's current reality becomes less overwhelming.

    Michelle comes to me because she is having a hard time breastfeeding.  She doesn't like the feeling when her baby latches, she finds it stressful.  As we start tapping on the stress of breastfeeding, Michelle discloses that she was sexually assaulted as a teenager.  I use gentle EFT Tapping techniques to help her process the assault, and she is able to release the weight of that event, ultimately allowing her to breastfeed without being triggered.

    Mary comes to me because she is not bonding with her baby. She feels like her baby is a stranger and cannot connect. As we work on the distress this is causing her, I find out that she has a history of miscarriage. She is afraid to connect with this baby because of the fear she has held from the past.  As we work through the grief of her losses, she realized it is safe to love and connect with this baby.


I had a tapping session with Leah and was it ever a cool experience!! The issues we tapped on are now a distant memory and I honestly feel like her skill and compassion really enabled me to be relaxed and able to let go!

Highly recommend!!


Book Your Free Discovery Session

If you want to learn more about working with me, even if you’re ready to jump right in, let’s start with a free discovery session. We will spend up to 30 minutes together, meeting online, going over what’s happening for you, and what you would like support with.

During a Session

During an EFT session I will show you how to tap on specific points on your body that link to meridians. I want to empower you to use this self-healing technique when you go home – so I spend a portion of your first appointment teaching you the techniques.

EFT can be used on many different emotional and physical complaints, not just during postpartum. My goal is to teach you how to use this tool for many aspects of your life.

There will be homework between sessions, so please be prepared for this.

Book an EFT session with me if you are interested in:

  • Releasing Stress.
  • Feeling more confident.
  • Releasing old traumas.
  • Feeling more freedom, joy, and ease.


90 Minute EFT Tapping Session - $120

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I want to make sure that everyone looking for support can access it. If you are unable to afford my rates, please reach out and let me know. I am accepting a certain number of clients each month at lower rates, if the need arises. Many Blessings!