Sacred Motherhood Circles

Monthly Drop In

Tending the Soul Fire

I am committed to fanning the soul spark for women mothering their children and ultimately the world, the SACRED MOTHERHOOD CIRCLE offers women anywhere on the path of motherhood an invitation to dive deep and tend their inner flame.

For one journey around the sun, we follow the rhythm of the seasons to ignite and nourish both the mystical and the mundane aspects of mothering. Each circle gathering delves into a topic that speaks to the eternal, sacred seed within all women. Together, we cultivate mindful mothering, enhance daily and yearly rhythms within the home, and nurture SACRED MOTHERHOOD practices that keep mamas lit up!

We awaken Shakti and encourage sisterhood. We tap our inner worlds through ceremony, writing, movement, song, BEAUTY, and solo time. And, we weave our togetherness through deep sharing, collective creativity, and CELEBRATION.

Sacred Motherhood honors both the light and the shadow of motherhood. As we move through the seasons, we open our arms to hold everything under the sun because everything is sacred or nothing is sacred. Chaos is sacred. Deep breaths are sacred. Tears are sacred. Childhood is sacred. Wholeness, balance, and love—this is the way of SACRED MOTHERHOOD.

What I Offer

I offer a 1 Year Program, meeting once a month. This is a drop in program, so you can come for the months you feel called to.

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Each Circle is $15

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If you want to learn more about working with me, even if you’re ready to jump right in, let’s start with a free discovery session. We will spend up to 30 minutes together, meeting online, going over what’s happening for you, and what you would like support with.