Mama Circles

“I see a chain of women, each listening to each, being present to her as she waits
for her Self to be born, for her feeling values to come to form and to birth…
Woman after woman, being present, as each finds her voice”

Judith Duerk: Journey to Herself

Join me in Sacred Circle, as we navigate transition. Being with other women, and sharing your experiences, is powerful medicine.

Current Offerings:

8 Week Series

Postpartum Mama Circle – 8 Week Series

SPP Golden-9

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If you want to learn more about working with me, even if you’re ready to jump right in, let’s start with a free discovery session. We will spend up to 30 minutes together, meeting online, going over what’s happening for you, and what you would like support with.

“The calling a woman feels to gather in Sacred Space with other Sisters starts first as a low and slow warmth that begins to burn. If left unfed, it rises quickly to a raging fire of desire. It will not be denied and can only be quenched by the nourishment of Truth, Candlelight,
Song And Sisterhood”

Ayla Mellani ~ Founder of Chrysalis Woman